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— Wikipedian  —
BornThe late 70's
Country USA
Current locationAtlanta
Time zoneUTC-5
Family and friends
Marital statusMarried
PetsCats, fish
Education and employment
OccupationSystems & Security Administrator
EducationInformation Technology
A few of my interests
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About me

I am a systems, security and network analyst and administrator with 22+ years of professional industry experience: in 2009 I made my entry into the world of video game development, first as a texture artist and later as a lead developer for Mechwarrior: Living Legends. On top of my full-time I.T. career, I am also concurrently a project director and lead producer for The Keep Studios. I also hold a CEH certification.

In addition, I am a state and federally licensed falconer with a passion for biology and ecology, also including salt-water reef keeping. Other hobbies / interests include music (I play several instruments, including piano, trombone and drums); movies; philosophy, politics and their correlations; psychology both human and animal; martial arts; military and scientific history; reading and writing focusing primarily on commentary, opinion, news and science-fiction.

The majority of my contributions to Wikipedia center around basic article cleanup, grammar / spelling / punctuation, and fact checking. Oh, and a continual, aggressive, and with-prejudice search for vandals.

I strongly believe in the importance of notability and relevance when it comes to adding articles, but that could just be me.

My favorite page on Wikipedia is the New Pages section.

My contributions to the Wikipedia.

Some useful anti-vandalism information can be found here and here.