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Bethany Kludt, a college student, is a very active individual. She has played sports over the greater course of her life, including gymnastics, golf, diving, and BMX racing. She believes that everybody should play sports or commit to an exercise routine, as including physical exercise in one's lifestyle is a must. BMX racing is a sport that she has done her entire life, since before she had conscious memories. Although it can be a frustrating and difficult sport for many, she is happy that her parents had decided to encourage her in this sport. By becoming a better rider over the years, she has noticed that some skills learned through BMX have translated over to other areas of her life.Bethany Kludt began doing gymnastics at the age of three and continued through middle school.

Bethany Kludt


Bethany Kludt is a bright young student at Ohio Northern University. She has aspirations of becoming a nurse and helping out her family and community in that capacity. She is a very active person who, over the course of her life, has engaged in activities such as gymnastics, diving, golf, BMX racing, and bikini competitions. Her family has always been the most important thing in her life.

Current Occupation[edit]

  • I'm a waitress at BW3's and am a college student studying to be a registered nurse.

Clubs & Societies[edit]

National Student nurses association.

  • NPC bikini.
  • USA BMX.
  • ABA BMX.
  • NBL BMX.
  • High School golf.
  • High School diving.
  • National American Miss.


  • Fashion.
  • Country Music.
  • Gymnastics.

Aspirations & Goals[edit]

I want to finish my BSN and be a nurse and I would like to be a Bikini Pro in the NPC but I know that takes years of lifting, nutrition and working out but I plan to work towards that goal, I want to occasionally race my BMX bike.