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My thoughts on Wikipedia:Nationality of people from the United Kingdom, which seems to blinded quoted either those who do not understand the UK or have their own agenda.

Somebody from the United Kingdom is British. Just because somebody is born in England, Wales or Scotland, their nationality is not English, Welsh or Scottish. The only exceptions are;

  1. People born before the unions between the constituent nations, such as Richard III of England, Owain Glyndŵr or Wolfe Tone.
  2. Sports(wo)men who represent one of the home nations, who are English, Welsh or Scottish if they have represented their nation. If born elsewhere in Britain it only makes sense to consider who they represented, for example Bob Wilson played for Scotland, therefore Scottish is appropriate for him, otherwise his/her nationality is British.
  3. Politicians best known for being a Member of the Scottish Parliament or Member of the National Assembly for Wales are appropriately called Scottish or Welsh respectively.

There are no separate pop charts for England, Wales and Scotland, therefore it makes no sense to refer to a band such as The Jam as English, except as an adjective, therefore it should have a lower case e. David Lloyd George was from Wales and John Smith was from Scotland but both are British. Strangely Wikipedia called one British, but not the other. [changed here]

Northern Ireland is a particularly sensitive area. Northern Irish is probably the best compromise unless the person in question has a strong reason to be described otherwise. Jon McCarthy played for the Northern Ireland national football team, so is correctly described as Northern Irish. Somebody from Belfast born before the Act of Union (1800), is Irish.