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Hi. I'm an engineer, and I'm here to help do my part to fight entropy. I try to help out here by using my expertise in my field, providing third opinions, or fixing neutrality impaired articles. I also occasionally wander around the Help Desk, Wikiquette Alerts, Recent Changes, New Articles, and Deletion Today. I'm also on Commons, Wikisource, and Meta as Bfigura. I also have a sock-puppy, who plans on doing some vandal-fighting.

I also do good deeds for make-believe / bonus / karma points. (Kudos points that convert to frequent flyer miles are especially appreciated). My collection thus far: 1,999 [1][2][3]
Bfigura (talk)

Also, for my own purposes, here's my summary sheet for this year's election.

And so I can keep track, I'm working on cleaning unref'd BLPs, starting with those from July 2007.

WikiDefcon 3

Moderate to high level of vandalism.

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