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hello everyone...I am SABA Am an Indian and has been helping to edit articles in here.Wanna be a GReat EDITOR Soon!!!.--Bhootrina (talk) My GuestbookUser:Bhootrina/guestbook

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PleaseHello, please don't vandalize me...
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global warming.
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S sThis user's favorite letter in the English alphabet is S.
Nuclear dancer.jpgThis user enjoys dancing.
Comdolph.jpgThis user's favourite animal is the Dolphin.
Boeing 777-31H, Emirates JP452808This user is interested in aviation.
A-10 Thunderbolt II In-flight-2.jpgThis user loves
Warbirds from the
Gulf War
F-16 June 2008.jpgThis user is a pilot of a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.
Cessna172-CatalinaTakeOff.JPGThis user wishes to fly and hopes to become an aircraft pilot.
Air Force Ensign of India.svgThis user is a fan of the Sukhoi Su-30MKI of the Indian Air Force.SU-30 MKI Lajes.JPG
Mongolfière.jpg This user loves hot air ballooning! Hot air balloon with hearts.jpg
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2011LamborghiniAventador.jpgThis user loves the
Lamborghini Aventador.
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This user would drive a BMW if they could afford one
Audi R8 Led 20080225.jpgThis user loves the Audi R8
LED DaytimeRunningLights.jpg This user is a Audi enthusiast.
Dcp7323-Edirne-Eski Camii Allah.jpgThis user lves Allah.
FirstSurahKoran (fragment).jpgThis user reads and lves The Holy Quran.
Gray Lamborghini LP640.jpgThis user would love to own a Lamborghini Murciélago.
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IndigoThis user loves the colour indigo.
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IslamSymbolAllahCompWhite.PNG This user wants to behead those who say Islam is violent!
Peperoni pizza.jpgThis user loves pizza.
Brownies.jpgThis user loves brownies.
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This user loves cake.
Floating Donut.pngThis user likes doughnuts.
Chocolate02.jpgThis user eats chocolate.
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Flag of Italy.svg
Granville Island Market - chocolates 05.jpgThis user knows there's no such thing as too much Chocolate
Chess kdt45.svgThis user plays chess.
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Occluded mesocyclone tornado5 - NOAA.jpgThis user is fascinated by tornadoes, but has never encountered one and does not wish to.
FireV2.pngThis user knows global warming is a reality we are facing.
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Campo ultra profundo 3d.gifThis user is interested in space-related articles.
MSH82 st helens plume from harrys ridge 05-19-82.jpgThis user is interested in volcanoes.
Protoceratops-skeleton.jpg This user is interested in Paleontology.
Dszpics1.jpgThis user finds tornadoes to be fascinating.
Wikipedia-logo.pngThis user thinks you can learn a lot by editing an Encyclopedia.
Ring NebulaThis user enjoys the subject of astronomy.
ENGThis user's favourite subject is English.
HISThis user's favourite subject is History.
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RThis user loves horror films, but hates torture films.
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2010 Australian International Motor Show - 20101016 SX1IS 025 - Flickr - smjb.jpgThis user loves the Lamborghini Gallardo
Clapboard.svg "Dil toh har kisi ke pass hota hain,lekin har koi dilwale nahi"

- Shahrukh khan, Dilwale

Spinnin' Records logo.svgThis user enjoys EDM music
Martin Garrix 2013.jpgThis user is a fan of Martin Garrix.

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