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PB's Articles of Interest[edit]

Intelligence organizations, sites, special ops and people
Alan Furst
Alastair Denniston
Allen Dulles
Allied Intelligence Bureau
Andrzej Kowerski
Army Ranger
Augustyn Träger
Biuro Szyfrów
Brewster F2A Buffalo
Bureau of Intelligence and Research
C-36 (cipher machine)
Central Bureau
Chapman Pincher
Charles Alvin Beckwith
Charles W. Thayer
Claude Dansey
Defense Clandestine Service
Denmark Hill
Dilly Knox
Director of Central Intelligence
Donald Gregg
Douglas Mackiernan
Felix Dzerzhinsky
Fleet Radio Unit
Force 136
Fourteenth Army (United Kingdom)
Frank Bessac
Frederick Forsyth
George Reginald Starr
Gertrude Bell
Gideon Force
Government Communications Security Bureau
Helen MacInnes
Hotel Lux
Hugh Foss
Hugh Sinclair
Hut 7
Ian Fleming
Intelligence agency
Intelligence Corps (United Kingdom)
Intelligence officer
Japanese cryptology from the 1500s to Meiji
Japanese naval codes
John le Carré
John Tiltman
Joseph Rochefort
List of intelligence agencies
List of SOE establishments
Lockheed Hudson
MacGuffin (cipher)
Marian Rejewski
Military Intelligence Service (United States)
Morse code
Moscow Rules
National Clandestine Service
Office of the Coordinator of Information
Operation Most III
OSS Detachment 101
Outline of cryptography
Para Commandos (India)
Pigpen cipher
Poem code
Purple (cipher machine)
RAF Croughton
RAF Flowerdown
Red (cipher machine)
Research and Analysis Wing
Richard Sorge
Robert Littell (author)
Roman Träger
Ruth Fischer
Signals intelligence in modern history
Simon Mann
Solomon Joel
Special Air Service
Special Air Service Regiment
Special Operations Executive
St John Philby
Station CAST
Station HYPO
The Great Game
The Pond (intelligence organization)
Theodore Shackley
Thomas G. Clines
United States Army Special Forces selection and training
Westland Lysander
William J. Donovan
William Morgan Shuster
William Slim, 1st Viscount Slim
Wireless Experimental Centre
Poland and related
Bar Confederation
History of Poland (1795–1918)
History of Poland (1918–1939)
History of Poland (1945–1989)
History of Poland (1989–present)
History of Poland in the Early Modern era (1569–1795)
History of Poland in the Middle Ages
Institute of National Remembrance
Krystyna Skarbek
Organic work
Polish Downtown (Chicago)
Polish mob
Polish resistance movement in World War II
Polish–Soviet War
Thief in law
Uprising of Polish political exiles in Siberia
Brian Horrocks
Joseph Conrad
Paul the Apostle
Robert Fisk
Roy Chapman Andrews
Rudyard Kipling
Simon Templar
T. E. Lawrence
Wilfrid Michael Voynich
Fiction writing
Plot (narrative)
Plot device
Plot hole
Plot twist
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
Theme (narrative)
Tropes in Agatha Christie's novels
Writing process
Go (game)
Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
Continuation War
Finnish Civil War
Mannerheim Line
Winter War
Displaced person
Displaced persons camp
Nansen passport
Other articles of interest to PB
Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Battle of Isandlwana
Besa (Albanian culture)
Chekhov's gun
Deus ex machina
Greek Resistance
HMS Birkenhead (1845)
Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
Indian National Army
Late bloomer
List of Bohemian Club members
Nimrod Expedition
Russian Civil War
Spanish Civil War
The Times
United States Foreign Service
Voynich manuscript
List of London's gentlemen's clubs
Eating clubs at Princeton University
Bohemian Club