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Bibcode Bot
This user is a bot
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Want to do this yourself? Me neither.
Operator Headbomb (talk · contribs)

Δ (talk · contribs)
Headbomb (talk · contribs)

Snottywong (talk · contribs)
Approved? Yes
Flagged? Not yet
Task(s) Task 1
Edit period(s) Irregular / Continuous
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Python/Pywikipedia
Exclusion compliant? No
Source code published?

− Main code: 31 July 2012 (~29.45 KB)

− Journal list: 31 July 2012 (~551.32 KB)
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes


  • The code is provided as is.
  • License for now is undetermined, but will most probably be CC-by-SA, with attribution to Δ, Headbomb and SnottyWong.
  • If you want the most up to date version, just drop me a message on my talk page. The current stuff is provided in case I die/disappear/go on break/apocalypse/etc...

Awards and barnstars[edit]

Choco chip cookie.png I saw Bibcode Bot adding arxiv links across a few articles on my watchlist. Nicely done. Amble (talk) 23:23, 3 August 2012 (UTC)

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