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Once upon a time, there was a mystical place called Wikipedia-land. It was a place full of wonder and mystery, where fairies and Ogres roamed the land. Everyone lived in relative peace, attune with the earth. There was a single religion, its only stipulation being to go out and beautify the land. And they did. There were heroes of the faith, who battled against great monsters. There were traitors and spies, and there were wars, but the land was still beautiful all the same. It was the WikiKingdom.


Everybody in the WikiKingdom had a job of some sort, beast or man. Although they were not jobs in the literal sense (there was no currency), everyone had a certain task that they knew they had to do.


Despite the vast amount of friendly beings in the WikiKingdom, there were still beasts of all sorts roaming around, laying waste to the beautiful scenery. And this was where the soldiers came in. They were armed with the armor of ice, but weapons of fire. Many were armed with gifts of simple magic, the ability to restore any devastation that had been done to the land. There were also the Elite Guard, armed with great broadswords and an even stronger magic that created an invisible barrier against the beasts. Many songs have been sung about these valiant heroes, and even to this day they still continue to patrol and protect the WikiKingdom.


Others were conjurors. They were masters of arcane arts. Some were capable of summoning up great soldiers of aether, others summoned magical beings to handle menial labors. Because of their awesome powers, there were always a few in the populace who mistrusted the conjurors, but most of the WikiKingdom accepted their aid.


The WikiPrincesses were some of the rarest beings in the Kingdom. There were rumors that these princesses were actually goddesses come to the WikiKingdom as women of exceptional intelligence, beauty, and charm, but nobody knew for certain. The Princesses were the friendliest of all the people in the WikiKingdom, and had a mysterious magic capable of enchanting people and defusing any quarrels. Perhaps it was the magic that made them so many friends, or it was the distinctive grace with which they carried themselves. Whatever the case, whenever a princess departed, often times their homes would be transformed into a temple, in which pilgrims would often make offerings and sacrifices to their honor.

To be continued...