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About me[edit]

Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm 24 yrs. old. I was born and raised in So-Cal and still live there today. Pretty close to where much of the film Punch Drunk Love was filmed. I currently work in the front office of a real estate company (painfully boring) and will admit that I spend a wee bit of time cruising the interwebs for the latest gossip in Hollywood OK, so maybe I'm kind of obsessed. My friends tease me all the time, and I tell 'em that some people are shop-a-holics, some are alcoholics, and I just happen to be a a gossip-a-holic, so they better just suck it up and deal with it!!! And fortunately, they do.

My favorite sites if I had to choose are, (I love the show, too) and Perez Hilton. Although I'd probably be reluctant to admit it if I met you in person, I love anything related to Tyra Banks, Nicole Richie, and the cast of Grey's Anatomy. I also love music, especially Coldplay, Damien Rice, Maroon 5 and John Mayer.

Recently, I've become increasingly addicted to the world of Wikipedia, and I've found it to be a great outlet for my writing and editing skills. I've also realized that I'm somewhat of a tech nerd, and love reading about news from Silicon Valley on sites like Valleywag.

One day, I'm hoping to write a novel. Who knows: if you play your cards right, maybe you'll be in it.