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I Have a secret Hidden Subpage Wanna try and find it and maybe get a barnstar? well go to User:BigPadresDUDE/Secret_Page_Challenge

BPD | Userpage

Welcome, I am BigPadresDUDE. My actual name is Jake Alexander Martinez Jr, but forget about that... just call me BPD, Padres Or Just Jake. i was a batboy for san diego

I live in San Diego and am a student at the San Diego State. And i study the medical practice I am Happily Married And have 3 beatuful Baby girls Mary Katie And Anna

Im Interested in all things ESSPECILY SPORTS including baseball, hockey, football, b-ball, golf and pro wrestling and thats most of my edits here at pedia i am also a video game Addict AND ADDICTED To Wikipedia Well there i am enjoy seeing ya around

oh and dont forget to please join Wikipedia:WikiProject Baseball/San Diego Padres if your interested

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Editing since August 23, 2009
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Name Jake Martinez
Country  United States
Current location San Diego
Time zone Pacific
Race White
Sexuality Bisexual
Family and friends
Marital status Happily married
Spouse Kristina James Anna Ryan Martinez
Children 3 beautiful girls Mary (4) Katie (2) Anna (1)
Education and employment
Occupation Medical Student

Baseball, Soaps, Wrestling, Other Sports, Talking, Video Games And TV

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