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I have not been on this page for about two years.

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Obverse ReverseHudson's Soap advertisement
About this image
The obverse and reverse of a 1910s advertisement for Hudson's Soap, a product developed by Robert Spear Hudson. This folded, diecut card depicts four policemen standing in a row, holding a banner with 10 panels proclaiming the virtues of the product, with a further four slogans (such as "Arrest all dirt") on the backs of the policemen. Through intense advertising such as this, Hudson's grew from a single shop opened in 1837 to a company of more than 1,000 people. The brand was sold by Hudson's son to Lever Brothers (now part of Unilever) in 1908. Today, it is sold under the brand name Rinso.

Advertisement: Anonymous; restoration: Adam Cuerden