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A. C. de Freitas & Co. was a trading and shipping company in Hamburg.[edit]


The trading and shipping company A. C. de Freitas & Co. was founded in 1835 by Augusto Constantino de Freitas in Hamburg. From small beginnings, with sailing ships that carried goods on their own account, developed a remarkable enterprise with extensive interests in Great Britain, South America and the Mediterranean. In 1879, steamships replaced the small fleet of sailing ships. In 1884, a regular scheduled service began into the Adriatic Sea and in 1892 to southern Brazil and Argentina. In 1900, Albert Ballin bought the 14 steamships employed in the South American trade for the Hamburg America Line. The end of the shipping arm of the company came in 1911 with the sale of the six steam ships used in the Mediterranean Sea to Deutsche Levante Linie. The same year also saw the two large sailing vessels "Beethoven" and "Mozart" sold off. The trade in goods continued under the name of Augusto de Freitas GmbH.


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