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I've been editing on Wikipedia since May 2007. My main areas of interest include theology, sports, all things Notre Dame, and Oklahoma history.

Editorial contributions This user helped to make Jackie Robinson a Featured Article. This user helped to make Jackie Robinson the Featured Article of the Day on October 24, 2009.[edit]

Pages created[edit]

Upgrades/Featured Articles[edit]

  • Jackie Robinson – As a tribute to Robinson leading up to Jackie Robinson Day, April 15, 2009, I revamped a rather lackadaisical, vandalized, and inaccurate article on Robinson (previously rated "Good"). This is where I cut my teeth in terms of coding and wikipedia policies. Attendant to these changes were some stub expansions for Bullet Rogan, Chet Brewer, Marques Haynes, and others. I sheparded this through peer review and FAC nominations, and after a few attempts was finally successful (in conjunction with Peregrine Fisher) in elevating this to FA status.
  • Joe Louis - While updating the Jackie Robinson article, I noticed the Joe Louis article was even more substandard – less content than the Robinson article, and lots of unattributed statements (rated "C-Class"). In a way this made it easier to revise. I substantially rewrote this article with about 60 unique references, and placed it in peer review. I'll also nominate this for FA status at some point. The revision included updates and new sources for the ancillary Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling article as well.



See here.


I've wrtitten an essay on the subject of Wikipedia's usage rules regarding copyrighted versus trademarked images here.