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This page documents Violent Crimes at Ivy League Universities, including murders, rapes, suicides, bombings, and other similar incidents. This is primarily a list; crimes that have too many details listed should have their own article, keeping only the bare essentials on this page.

Every crime listed needs a verifiable citation. Uncited crimes will be removed. For inclusion on this page, crimes listed must have been committed by or against a member of the stated college's community, or on the college campus. Alumni and former employees do not count.

Items should ideally list both the perpetrator and the victim(s) of the crime, the date it occurred, the location where it occurred, and the nature of the link to the relevant university.

Crimes are listed first alphabetically by school, then by type of crime, then chronologically.

Brown University[edit]


  • 1994, September 20. Anthony Riccio, 21, a junior at [[Brown

University]] majoring in Russian Studies was killed while in Moscow. He had arrived in Russia only a few days earlier to begin a 1 year foreign exchange program. There were intitial questions of whether this was a murder or suicide, but it was eventually classified as a murder. [1] [2]


  • 2005, March. Anthony Abanto, 22 years old, was found dead in his dorm

room, an apparent suicide. [3]

  • 2005, December 19. English Ph.D. candidate Patrick Tweed was found

dead in his apartment, an apparent suicide. [4]

Columbia University[edit]


was shot in the back and killed by James Lauderdale, 36. (Ex-Bouncer Convicted of Gun Slay by Austin Fenner. New York Daily News. February 27, 1997.)

  • 1998, March 28. Columbia University Law School student Hyeseung

Lynda Hong, 26, had her throat slashed by ex-boyfriend Edmund Ko, 25. She was found dead at her apartment on the upper west side. Ko and Hong met when they were both students at Cornell University. Ko was sentenced to 25 years to life. (Former boyfriend of Columbia Law student sentenced to life for her murder, by Samuel Maull, Associated Press. October 16, 2000.)

  • 2000, February 5. Tom Nelford murdered his girlfriend, Kathleen

Roskot, 19 year-old lacrosse player at Columbia, in her dorm room and then threw himself under a subway train. (Blood on the Ivy: Tragic Romance Murder Suicide Rocks Columbia by Heidi Evans. New York Daily News, February 13, 2000.)


  • 2000, April 20. Puneet Bhandari, a 21 year-old senior at Columbia,

killed himself by putting himself in the path of an Amtrak Metroliner train in Iselin, New Jersey after involvement in an honor code scandal. [5]

  • 2005, November 17. Columbia Engineering Professor Nayyar Perwez

Shahabuddin killed himself in his hotel room. The cause of death was suffocation by helium. [6]

  • 2006, May 7. Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

senior Richard Ng killed himself by jumping into the East River from the Brooklyn Bridge. [7]

Cornell University[edit]


  • 1983, January 18. Su Yong Kim, 26, of Long Island shot and killed two

roommates, Young Hee Suh, 19 years old, and Erin C. Nieswand, 18, in their dorm room on Cornell University's campus, after holding them and four of their schoolmates captive. These were the first murders in Cornell's history. (The New York Times. Dec. 20, 1983, Late City Final Edition, Page B2, column 5. Cornell Students Share Grief After Slaying of 2 by Lindsey Gruson.)

  • 2006, January 28. Joseph Lindner, a 46 year old web developer at

Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management, shot and killed his wife, Janice Breslin, also 46, an administrative aid in the biometrics department, while she was asleep in their home. He then shot and killed himself. (also listed under Cornell suicides) [8]


  • 2006, January 28. Joseph Lindner, a 46 year old web developer at

Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management, shot and killed himself after murdering his wife, Janice Breslin, also 46, an administrative aid in the biometrics department in their home. (also listed under Cornell murders) [9]

Dartmouth College[edit]


Zantop were stabbed to death in their home in Etna, NH, not far from the Dartmouth Campus. They were killed by Robert Tulloch, 17, and James Parker, 16. Parker received 25 years to life, Tulloch received a life sentence. [10] See also [11]


  • 1997, April 11. Dartmouth Professor of Native American Studies and

Anthropology Michael Anthony Dorris, 52 years old, committed suicide in his hotel room by suffocating himself with a plastic bag. [12]

Harvard University[edit]


  • 1975, March 31. Carol Peterson, assistant to the dean of the

Harvard Business School, dies after being stabbed 13 times at her apartment near 11pm, after returning from a party. [13]

  • 1976, November 16. Harvard football player Andrew Puopolo, '77, was

stabbed. He suffered brain damage and died from cardiac arrest on December 17 after a 31 day coma. [14] [15]

  • 1983, July 23. Keith Vaughn, 27, Harvard Business School student

strangled his 22-year-old wife, Princess. [16]

Gerald Frug, was stabbed to death at the corner of Sparks and Brewster Sts. She died on the sidewalk. Her attacker was never found. [17]

stabbed her roommate Trang Ho, also '96, 45 times, killing her, before committing suicide by hanging herself. Tadesse had also wounded Ho's friend, Thau Nguyen. The book Halfway Heaven: Diary of a Harvard Murder details the event, and the tv show Law and Order did an episode based on the murder. [18] [19][20][21].

  • 2003, April 12. 25 year-old Harvard graduate student Alexander

Pring-Wilson fatally stabbed eighteen-year old Michael D. Colono during an altercation outside a local pizza parlor. Pring-Wilson was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. [22] [23] [24]


herself after murdering her roommate, Trang Ho. [25] (also listed under Harvard murders.)

  • 1995, April 17. Katherine Louise Tucker '94, a member of the

Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, killed herself. [26]

  • 1995, April 26. 20 year old Harvard sophomore Ansgar Hansen '97

killed himself by throwing himself in front of a train at the Porter Square T station. This was the second suicide at Havard in a week. [27]

  • 1995, January 23. Harvard senior Dominic J. Armijo '95 killed

himself. [28]

  • 1997, November 5. Hailei Ge, first year Computer Science student in

the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, died after jumping from the 4th floor of the Gordon Mckay Library in Pierce Hall on Oxford Street. [29]

  • 1998, January 2. 19 year-old Annelle Fitzpatrick '00, a member of

the 1996-97 women's lacrosse team and a resident of Leverett House, died after putting herself in the path of an oncoming train in midtown Manhattan [30]

  • 1998, March 15. 20 year-old David L. Okrent '99 died after a

self-inflicted stab wound to the neck. [31]

  • 1998, March 18. Frank P. Minore Jr., Masters student at Harvard's

School of Public Health, killed himself with an overdose of prescription pills and liquor. [32]

  • 1998, August. Jason D. Altom, 26, a fifth-year chemistry graduate

student at harvard killed himself. [33]

  • 1999, March 18. Chang Jo, a 20 year-old undergraduate at Harvard,

killed himself in his kirkland House dorm room. [34]

  • 2002, December 6. Harvard junior Marian H. Smith '04, 19 years old,

killed herself. [35]

  • 2004, February 22. Anthony Fonseca '04-'05, killed himself in his

room in Winthrop house. [36]

University of Pennsylvania[edit]


  • 1996, October 31. Vladimir Sled, a 38 year-old biochemist at the

University of Pennsylvania was stabbed to death on the 4300 block of Larchwood Avenue by 26-year-old Bridgette Black. [37]

  • 1998, May 7. 23 year old Wharton graduate student Shannon Schieber

was strangled to death in her off-campus apartment by Troy Graves, also known as the "Center City Rapist" [38]

  • 2005, December 25: William Hurt, 25 years old, was shot at the

Philly Diner on the Penn campus. He died later that morning. Jonathan Morales was arrested 4 days later and charged with the murder. [39]

  • 2005, December 23: Temple University pharmacology student Irina

Zlotnikov is found bludgeoned to death in Robert Bondar's New Castle County, Del., apartment. Irina Malinovskaya, 22, a Wharton senior, is charged with first-degree murder of Zlotnikov; her first trial ended in a mistrial after the jury failed to reach a verdict and she is currently awaiting retrial. [40]


  • 2005, October 10. Kyle Ambrogi, a 21 year-old senior in the Wharton

School of Business and member of the Penn football team, committed suicide Monday night in his home in Havertown, PA. [41]


  • 2005, January 21. "An 18-year-old female student reported that she

was sexually assaulted early Friday morning by a college-age male near 40th and Pine streets" in the alley behind Allegro Pizza at about 3am. [42]

Princeton University[edit]


graduate student, killed himself. [43]

  • 2004, September 5. 19 year old Princeton sophomore Melissa Huang was

found dead in her room. She died after ingesting cyanide. [44]

Yale University[edit]


robbery. Melvin Jones was convicted in the case and spent fifteen years in prison. [45]

former boyfriend, Yale graduate Richard Herrin with a hammer. The support of the Yale Catholic community for the perpetrator resulted in his conviction for manslaughter rather than murder. [46]

  • 1991, the shooting death of 19 year-old sophomore [[Christian

Prince]] on Hillhouse Avenue in the Yale campus resulted in a brief decline in applications and resulted in a re-examination of Campus security. [47]

was stabbed to death. Leaked allegations that her thesis advisor was a suspect led to the end of his career at Yale, but the crime remains unsolved. [48]


  • 1970, May 1. An explosive device was detonated in the [[Ingalls

Rink]] during events related to the trial of Black Panther [[Bobby Seale]]. One person was injured, and no one was killed. [49]

seriously injured in his office in Arthur K. Watson Hall by a bomb sent by serial killer Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a the Unabomber. [50]

  • 2003, May 21. An explosive device went off at the [[Yale Law

School]], damaging two classrooms. [51]

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