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Mustapha Bin Issam مصطفى بن عصام ...

Born in 1983,Mustapha Issam Mahmoud Ayad,مصطفى عصام محمود عياد is a Surrealist philosopher,Artist,thinker and a theorist of Arabic origins who currently lives in Australia. His theories are based on social behavior and the formation of opinions,mainly conditioned opinions, he believes that only a very small part of mankind do know the purpose of existence and the rest who he calls "Media fools" are to be the sheep of this earth due to the public ignorance.

He believes that the people of this earth are not to be blamed for any act as the majority are drugged with social terms and conditions introduced to them through different brainwashing forms that proved to be effective and been expanded to what he calls brain war on mankind.

He believes that the intensive production of technology is playing a huge role in paralyzing our society and killing every mean of human communication between it's "Age Classes".

"Age Classes" is a new social classification that he introduced in a presentation at SAE Institute of Film and Media,it is based on technology and the gap it builds between people of different ages,he links his theory to many social problems that we are facing nowadays.

He states that the current system has to stay and that we can not get rid of it, but instead it has to be reformed to suit our social,economical and psychological needs. He insists that there has to be a system in place and that humans will fail if they had any other approach to solving social problems other than the "systematic approach".


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