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This is the userpage of Bjelleklang

Sending me emails

If you are considering sending me an e-mail, please note that I will not respond if it is regarding a rejected article. Please improve it and

About me

My name is Chris, and I'm a part-time Wikiholic. I'm currently trying to be more active here than I've been for the past few years, usually doing stuff that takes little time. Keeping up with speedys, article reviews and the usual support on IRC (#wikipedia-en-support). I also operate the user called User:BjelleklangBot in order to have a separate user account for experimenting with (read-only) bots.

Please note that I have retired my IRC-webclient after 6 years and 21.000 sessions, as the freenode IRC client is a lot better and doesn't require Java. Please go here instead.

Useful stuff

My todolist[edit]

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