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As my name is somewhat common, bjgiza is the easiest free pseudo I could find grouping my initials and a poject codename.

Who am I[edit]

I am a frenchie which name is Bruno Gillet. By 2008, I have about 20 years experience in IT and Security areas. I reached the wikipedia community as I see some articles I feel I could contribute to.

Professional Background[edit]

After a computer science degree in France, I started working as a developer then evolved to IT architecture and security, being especially focused on MLS systems. I am currently working for Sun Micorystems since 1995.

Planned contribution to wikipedia[edit]

First, I do not intend to use wikipedia as a commercial media for my company. I'm nor a sales, neither a marketing guy.

This being said, as a technical expert on Solaris 10 and Solaris 10 Trusted Extensions, I have noticed several non-neutral and pejoratives notes about it that I plan to see rectified by their authors. Obviously, this will be done as gently as possible, trying to avoid any editing or whatever war.

Also I noticed the pages about Trusted Solaris and Trusted Extensions have not an as rich content as they should. I plan to add some, avoiding (another time) commercial use of wikipedia and focusing on key technical facts so to present what it really is.