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  • Nicks: B_KiLLeR, killer,, bkil, kil, k...
  • Hobbies: programming (embedded or otherwise), various branches of mathematics, digital electronics (microcontrollers), computing history (only interesting facts or some other meaningful things), open projects, jokes, combination of thereof.
  • Contribuctions: correcting typos, rarely creating pages in topics of my interests, I have been contributing since around 2005 and reading since around 2002.
  • I have bookmarked some clever articles for your enjoyment: User:Bkil/Interests
  • User:Bkil/Decentralized_communication

Favourite links[edit]

RE: friendly note about the user page[edit]

I've made some of the changes you suggested. I haven't touched my user page for about 2 years! Your comment about my use of ',' is understandable because that's a habit of mine (I also overly use ';'). Jdm64 (talk) 01:22, 14 January 2009 (UTC)