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Michigan Pioneers[edit]

Index of persons profiled in Michigan Pioneers: the First One Hundred Years of Statehood, published by J.L. Hudson Company, 1937

There is no TOC or index in the pamphlet. All the profiles include an engraved image. The profiles are as much about a place as about the individual.

Tuttle's General History[edit]

Index of persons profiled in General History of the State of Michigan with Biographical Sketches, Portrait Engravings, and Numerous Illustrations: A Complete History of the Peninsular State from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, compiled by Charles Richard Tuttle, published by R.D.S. Tyler &Co., Detroit, 1873

Biographical Sketches[edit]


Indian Council at St. Mary's Falls 89 LaSalle in the Griffin and Death of LaSalle 107