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About the editor[edit]

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I am a current resident of Cape Town, South Africa, and a Bachelor of Commerce Honors graduate.

Some of my main interests are American and Canadian politics, computer games, project management, and marketing. I'm a vehement supporter of the LGBT rights movement and a strong advocate of the Human Rights Campaign and its work.

I edit Wikipedia in my spare time, both because I enjoy doing so, and like the idea of improving valuable internet resources. My edits range from minor grammatical corrections and layout improvements to adding new content, including text and images, and creating new pages.

Major contributions[edit]

Pages created:[edit]

(Some pages in this list may list other editors as original page creators. This is due to their creating blank pages (as a redirects), and my changing these to new articles).

Mass Effect Andromeda
Shadow Realms
Meadowridge Library
Stranded Deep

Pages updated significantly:[edit]

Washington Gas
Volvo XC90
inXile Entertainment
Vostok Games
Engen Petroleum
Ceres Fruit Juices
Bakers (bakery)
American Licorice Company
Option consommateurs
Consumers Council of Canada
Green Party of Vancouver
Golden Arrow Bus Services
Mr. Sub
Naya Waters