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Season reviews


Being reviewed

In all the following, subject to exceptions noted per article:

donestandard intro opener; important match section: footnote; table layout; table width to 100%; first mentions section; references; external links; venues to 1770; two categories; omit double spacing; FLPVC citations; ACS citations; qa = start (all checked); ASW citations (1742–51 only)

to do (per season) – double-check all sources; update content; FL18C citations; TJM citations; WDC citations; WCS citations; IM citations; other books' citations; correct biblio and addl read sections; identify all first mentions and provide citations; link all clubs, players, venues, etc. in matchlists


C-class ratings are generally because the intro is too short for B-class (articles are of limited size due to lack of data) and there is bound to be a lack of supporting materials, especially images.