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Joe Truck (born Joseph Harris Kasher 24 November 1961) is an American Musician - Songwriter, Tattoo artist, Fine Artist, Photographer and Poet. Musically best known for his early 1980's groundbreaking Horror punk, Gothic rock, and Deathrock bands including: Chop Shop [1], The Braineaters [2], and Scarecrow [3]. He began a career in Tattooing in 1992. In the mid to late 1990's he received wide acclaim as one of the pioneers of the now wildly popular "[[Old school (tattoo)|American Traditional Style" of tattooing. Joe is also credited with being instrumental in the 1995 legalization of tattooing in New York City, and with having the first "legal" street shop open after the law was changed. Joe has continued pursuing multiple musical endeavors throughout the 1990's including Rocket Angel [4], Confederacy of horsepower [5], The Snake Charmers, and most currently The Black Scorpio Underground [6]. In late 2010 he finished his book of photo portraits entitled "Punk Portraits" which consists of current photos of luminaries from the punk and No Wavescenes in four cities from 1976-1983. Joe has two daughters, Mekenna Catherine and Cody Olivia. Joe Currently resides in Long Beach, California.

Early Life[edit]

Joseph Harris Kasher was born in New York City on November 24th 1961. His mother was well known Detroit born Jazz singer Lodi Carr, his father was Charles Kasher, a film producer whos credits include the classic spy thrillers The Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin. Soon after Joseph's birth the family moved back to London, England where Charles was partners with James Bond producer Harry Saltzman. They split their time between London and New York until Joseph's parents divorced in 1964. Joe and his mother then settled in New York's Greenwich Village at 2 fifth avenue where they would live until he was in his teens.

FIRST BANDS-1978-1986: In the late 70's Joe became involved in the thriving New York Punk and No Wave scene , he also started his first real band- Harmless Matter with his best friend at the time, Aaron Watson. (son of acclaimed photgrapher [[Albert Watson (photographer) |Albert Watson). After countless gigs around NYC.(CBGB, Cartoon Alley, Mudd Club, Tier 3) and several name changes the duo settled on the name Shanghai Beach and played the infamous Max's Kansas City. Soon after they disbanded and Joe and Aaron moved on. Joe's next serious band would be Twelfthnight. Formed in 1983 with bassist Andrew Cushen (drummer for Redex and The Cravens) and guitarist/vocalist Joe Truck as a vehicle for their UK-inspired dark post-punk, Twelfthnight (preceded by the duo's earlier incarnation as Tea for None) served mainly as a bridge to the duo's next band, the legendary Scarecrow. Having just left his gig as drummer for Redex, Cushen was getting toasted at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge on St. Marks Place in NYC one night in 1983, when he met Truck. A veteran of the early 1980s NYC scene, Joe first made his mark with the bands Primal Law, Harmless Matter, and Shanghai Beach at nocturnal hotspots like Max’s Kansas City, The Mudd Club, Tier 3, and CBGB. 1984 brought Joe and Andrew's next band, the legendary goth band Scarecrow, believed by most music historians as "New York's FIRST gothic rock band" albiet short lived. For thier next band Chop Shop, Joe and Andy fused trash-rock, punk, blues, and psychobilly with lyrics full of feverish sex and rampant horror (not to mention greasy automobiles, post-apocalyptic ennui, and serial slaughter), these NYC legends made swampy, sordid "music that shot from the gut and aimed for the crotch"...legend has it that is was at this time Joe Kasher was rennamed Joe Truck by either Cushen (who at this time had become Andy Trash) or R.B. Korbet, Chop Shop's original guitarist.


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