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A little about me[edit]

When i first started here i was looking mostly to make minor corrections and the like. Pretty soon that was superseded by the fact that i was creating new, albeit minor articles, reverting vandalism, doing major overhauls and rewrites, and performing miscellaneous tasks such as redirects, userboxes, etc. My main interests on this site are directed at Australian soccer (as a fan of South Melbourne FC) and Australian rules football (as a fan of Collingwood FC). I don't claim to have any skill whatsoever in any important way, so therefore i'm quite willing to seek assistance from people when i'm unsure on something and work on collaborations where i can make a difference, but otherwise i tend to quietly work on my preferred patch of the wikipedia garden.

As i am now a university student (beginning again three and half years after i was kicked out, lol) as well as now working on the OzFootball Club Database, as well as working on my blog, i likely won't be doing as much major stuff here as usual, but i'll still be around every day, checking up on my watchlist and still doing a lot of the minor stuff, and major stuff when i can get around to it.

Blow my own trumpet section[edit]

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