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Hopefully it's not difficult to guess which football team I support! My username is derived from my love (well love for / frustration with) my local football team Sheffield United who were formed in 1889. I live in Sheffield, a large industrial city in the county of South Yorkshire in England. I studied International History and Politics at Leeds University and since then have worked in web development and digital marketing for most of my career (yes - not much in common with my degree!)

Aside from Sheffield United my other interests include football in general, and in particular those other continual under-achievers England. I enjoy horror films, in particular Italian Giallo films and have been a life-long fan of Doctor Who. I also have a bit of a passion for trainers and have a pretty large collection. I have travelled extensively in Germany particularly the areas around Frankfurt am Main and try to visit the country at least three or four times a year. My favourite cities aside from Sheffield are Frankfurt, Munich, Paris and New York and could happily live in any of them were they a bit closer to Sheffield United and Bramall Lane.

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This is for always beating me to it when adding references, such as the Cressy and Quinn suspension reference in the Shef Star you found (and which I founded later after you). You always beat me to it so you deserve this haha. IJA (talk) 10:33, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

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Stuff I have created:

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Article Date Nomination
Symbol question.svg Bob Cain July 4, 2012 DYK
Symbol question.svg Chasing After Ghosts July 29, 2012 DYK
Symbol question.svg Joe Davies November 16, 2012 DYK
Symbol question.svg David Powell November 17, 2012 DYK
Symbol question.svg Rip It Up May 30, 2013 DYK
Symbol question.svg Sheffield United F.C. league record by opponent July 2, 2012 DYK

Articles I might get around to trying to raise to GA status at some point:

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