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Blair Woodcock is a radio announcer in Australia.


Blair started his career at a community radio station in Brisbane, SWITCH FM. This station was on a time share agreement with other stations in Brisbane. Once that station lost it's licence due to it's frequency going to a new commerical station, he popped up in Goulburn, NSW at Eagle FM. AFter a number of years of hosting the successful breakfast show, Blair @ Brekkie, Blair moved on and ended up at 3TR FM in Traralgon Vic. It wasn't long though before he moved back to Goulburn to continue with Blair @ Brekkie.

After a few more years in Goulburn Blair moved up to Darwin to HOT 100 FM to anchor a new Breakfast team up there. "The Entourage". After 7 months, Blair moved again, to anchor another new Breakfast show, this time in Gladstone, Central Queensland on HOT FM.

6 months later Blair and his co-host split and he is currently presenting the Drive show on Townsvlles #1 radio station, 102.3 4TO FM.


While growing up in Brisbane, Blair was involved in a Theatrical show, THE WONARGO REVUE. This was a community show that involved singing, dancing and short comical sketches. He was involved in this profuction for a period of ten years. Once Blair moved to Goulburn he continued with his acting interest at the Leider Theatre in Goulburn and featured in a number of plays and pantomimes including, Once A Catholic, Alladin, The Temptest, Pinnochio and more.


Blair has only started to dive into the world of Television, in Darwin, the Breakfast show he anchored, The Entourage, hosted a weekly segment on Television called The Scoop.

He has also appeared in a number of promotional ads for radio stations around Australia as well.


Blair has only just started to host and MC special and sporting events. He, alongside Paul Taylor from WIN TV were the Ground Announcers for The North QLD Toyota Cowboys at Dairy Farmers Stadium for the 2009 season. Blair is also on the ground announcers for the North QLD Fury FC at Dairy Farmers Stadium in their 2009-10 season