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OK, I have my own wiki at my personal website; nope, I'm not into bashing WP or something, it's my personal wiki site, with articles, how-tos and stuff not normally found in Wikipedia.

I made it as a test/challenge for my personal website; I thought of lampooning Jimmy Wales' reference site when I found out that my webhost allows PHP, SQL and other scripts, making a MediaWiki install possible. I then filled my site with content, some copied from here, some by yours truly, and some of which are just spoofed, fabricated or parodied in a good-natured manner.

Some individuals that are mentioned and/or referenced in my wiki have gained an in-joke status with a reference to at least one of them on almost every page. The most recurrent of these is of inventing quotes that are "said" by Eloise, either with a well-known, but slightly edited, genuine quote designed to parody the overuse of quotes, and also to parody her speech and mannerisms, known as "Eloisiana"[1], such as "I would rawther have a Wii", or with a phrase completely different from her style. A few other individuals were also mentioned and parodied, such as Adolf Hitler, Hermann Fegelein and Felicity Merriman, among others.

Everyone is invited to go there and check out my Wikipedia parody... God Bless and have a nice day... Blake Gripling (talk) 02:08, 17 February 2008 (UTC)