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About Me

Who am I? Well, I suppose I should provide some details.

Expatriate British, have spent the past 12 years in a rather nomadic life (various computer-related jobs) and spent time at Germany, Poland, Israel, Nepal, Bolivia and Brazil. In early 2010 moved from Panama City to Quito, where I like the job and neighbors and plan on staying on awhile (as of late 2011).

Divorced (no children), quick to make social contacts in a new country and learn the basics of the local language.

Not Jewish myself (my family of Catholic origin but completely agnostic) - however, having been married four years to an Israeli and still on good terms with my ex and his parents (wonderful people), I gained some insight into Jewish history and culture, also on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (my ex and his family are rather left-wing and peace-oriented).

Love to visit old England again when I can and especially my hometown, but only rarely having a chance (no real contacts there any more, my own parents alas gone and my only sister emigrated to Canada).

I like Medieval history very much (my parental home was decorated with copies of old icons - not out of any religious feeling, just because they were so beautiful - and Gothic cathedrals were a favourite venue of family vacations I remember fondly).

And about Wikipedia - well, I take up miscellaneous issues without any grand plan, when I have the time (far too little) or when I get bitten by an idea which just won't go away and demands to be written down.

Well, I think this gives you some idea of who you are dealing with!