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I'm currently giving a go at organizing an IBM Task Force to work on cleaning up, standardizing, and expanding articles about IBM and its products. Please feel free to lend a hand.


This is likely the best DJ set I've ever heard.

15 minutes[edit]

Apparently newsbusters has quoted me extensively, although they use strawman arguments to bypass or misrepresent my points.

Research Initiative (inactive)[edit]

Do you need help doing some research? I have access to excellent databases of reliable sources (EBSCOhost, JSTOR, Lexis Nexis, etc.) -- take a look at my research requests user project. Comments welcome!

Personal Wikipiphanies[edit]

Other Quotes[edit]



On becoming the Kingdom[edit]

On communications[6][edit]

On the Dunning–Kruger effect[edit]


Please add any I've missed!

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Stuff I've done[edit]

Articles I've Worked On (very noninclusive list)[edit]

Article Author Rewrite GA / FA Nom Copyedit Cite Fmt NPOV OR / RS Featured
Angler:TCVP X
Ask Foy X X X X
Atari 8-bit family X X X
Azalea Trail Maids X DYK 28 March 2010
Chappaquiddick incident X X X X
Curry X X X
dBase X
Domus Transitoria X
Fox Business Network X X X X
Fox News Channel X X X X
Fox News Channel controversies X X X X
Fox News Channel programming X X X X
Gold to Go X DYK 22 May 2010
K-factor (Cisco) X
Mr. President (TV series) X X
Mark Foley X
Microsoft Courier X
Natalee Holloway X
NAVGC 1983 X X
Squirrel Systems X X X DYK 5 April 2007
syslog X X
Trade Wars 2002 X
Ted Kennedy X X X X X X GA 30 October 2006
What Happened X X X

Other miscellany[edit]


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