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Welcome to the user page belonging to BlckKnght.

About me[edit]

I found Wikipedia a long time ago after seeing a story by Larry Sanger on Kuro5hin and thought I'd contribute a few articles on things that interest me (or that I know about). I've been a rather sporadic contributor, but every few months (or years) I become active again for a while.

Prehistoric edits[edit]

In the early days of Wikipedia I created a number of Computer Science related articles (often based on the classes I was taking at the U of I or the Jargon File). Since most of these contributions were from before MediaWiki had been written and was in use, the history of the pages doesn't always include my earliest edits. Many of the pages have been significantly rewritten and/or renamed since (very likely by editors more knowledgeable than me).

Here's a list of these old articles: