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Bleaney is a member of WikiProject Bedfordshire
Editor of the Week
for the week beginning March 10, 2013
Starting his Wikipedia career in February 2007, Bleaney's 48 thousand edits put him in the top 1000 Wikipedians of all time by number of edits. He is one of Wikipedia's fine under-the-radar contributers, with over 75% of the edits being in the article space. His contributions have been in a large variety of areas: Doing cleanup maintenance on school-related articles, creating and expanding articles on Bedfordshire and on historic buildings around the world, and starting articles on British prisons. Bleaney has been an invaluable asset to Wikipedia through his excellent work.
Recognized forContributions on articles in all spheres, including schools, historic buildings and British prisons
Notable work(s)B-Class article Bedfordshire
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