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Type of site
Sensationalism, tabloid, blog
OwnerShannon Stoy
Created byShannon Stoy
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RegistrationRequired only on in comment section
Launched2009 [1]
Current statusActive is a website, specializing in sensationalism with a focus on crimes against children. Primarily the website is a collection of public documents and the reposting of information found in other news articles, with the added speculation and misrepresentation of the author.

Founded by Shannon Stoy (primary and seemingly sole) contributor to the website, the website is an outlet of a Public Relations company (Blink Development Group LLC) owned and operated by Ms. Stoy. [2] The website and content typically revolve around such topics as Casey Anthony, Kyron Horman, Jerry Sandusky, etc. The site perpetuates the increasing phenomenon of trial by media.

History and Origin[edit]

Shannon Stoy (Pennington, NJ, 1969)[3] was a frequent contributor to the website As a commonly scandalous and libelous contributor, Blink34 was removed and banned from the site. [4][5]. After this banning, Ms. Stoy established, a for profit blog with affiliation to Internet News Network, owner of the server hosting [6]

Disassociation with[edit]

The owner of, Tricia Griffith, has publicly commented that Stoy is a liability to any organization she is affiliated with. [7]

Lawsuit : Jose Baez[edit]

In 2009, Stoy filed suit against Jose Baez, in relation to his representation of Casey Anthony. Stoy alleged Baez possibly entered into a contract with Ms. Anthony, in which he would receive profits from future publication of her story for his representation. The suit was dismissed due to insufficient evidence. [8]


While detractors criticize Stoy (commonly known as Blink) for using inflammatory tactics to create hits on her website, followers defend Stoy as a well intentioned journalist. A common defense employed by Stoy regarding criticism of the content of her site, is that she is exercising her First Amendment rights. Stoy is not so supportive of the First Amendment as it applies to others, and is known to be active in attempting to curb any negative discussion or comments about her or her site, hypocrisy that has earned her some amount of backlash. [9]

Inflammatory tactics commonly employed by Stoy, according to critics, include fabricating stories (in conjunction with Scared Monkeys, main site of the server that hosts, posting private information about non-suspects and family members of ongoing investigations, and intentionally misstating factual accounts of ongoing investigations to insinuate connection of non-suspects to well known crimes. The primary criticism of these tactics is that while purporting to expose important information, her tactics are more successful in obscuring truth with disinformation. [10][11][12][13][14][15]

One of the problems with Blink is that every time one of her minions manages to provide her with a shred of worthwhile information, she yanks out her “hinky meter.” Then, as she waves around a crooked finger she does this little dance, proclaiming all the while: “See! See! The cheese is in this direction! Let’s dangle this person over the coals until they squeal!” If anyone is “Hinky” it’s Blink. I get this image in my mind of a woman part Nancy Grace and part wicked witch… ugh… pass the Rolaids.

Blink’s approach doesn’t exactly strike me as the way to motivate someone with worthwhile information to talk. In fact, I view her as an interfering nusiance responsible for more harm then good, but then again I am not a publicist. I have a lot more respect for Courtney Stuart and The Hook’s approach to the matter. Courtney is an actual journalist, not a sensationalist. (Blogger’s note to Blink’s minions: Learn the difference people!) Perhaps the Harrington’s publicist has divine insight beyond my understanding, and bringing a national inquirer writer (the Blinkster) into the fold is a good thing. Frankly, I just don’t see it.


So Blink may really be Shannon Stoy who creates her own storyline to further her own financial interests, which is none other than her own Public Relations and Communications company.


The "very popular crime blog moderator" is Blink on Crime. While the rabbit trails she has "suggested" her hounds follow are too many to list, here are some highlights ... Thus far, she and her followers have accused every Hispanic "Smith" (Sanchez) in the Greater PDX area with involvement in Ky's disappearance. Shannon Stoy Moser (Blink) and her "legal expert" Lea Conner (family law) maintained Terri didn't send the "sexting" messages; then said Bruckner had submitted to the divorce court "tainted" versions of the texting. Suspect Zero was her next theory. Her latest theory is the demented dude who shot a law officer on the coast is involved because he lived on Sauvie Island (oh, but she DID tell her minions there is no direct connection). While, IMO, a "stranger/near stranger" abduction can't be ruled out in Ky's case, Blink's "suspect zero" is yet another ploy by Stoy to drive users to her site. Bleh. Sorry to answer another poster's comment within the comment section. You are free to ignore my missive to avoid further dummies who might do the same. [18]

While it is difficult to find positive praise for off of the website itself or its sister site ([19], there exists a good amount of support in the comments sections of the websites of her critics.

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