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By chance or design you have alighted on my user page. I came upon the screen name Bloodholds when I was registering on some website or other, the two strangely twisted words I had to decipher and type in for verification were Blood and Holds. I liked the sound of it, so I abandoned all my previous screen names in favour of this one.


Imagine a world without Wikepedia, it would have been easy to invisage 20 years ago - now, impossible. I often say it is my primary research tool, but that honour probably goes to the Search Engine. However, frequently all the good links and information are right here in-the-pedia - no extra effort required, so I guess that makes it primary after all. Thanks to all the good people who make this the most powerful non-commercial resource the world has ever known. I can't wait for the future!

Monkey Loving[edit]

framed We know what you have been doing... stop touching monkeys... Please, leave these poor sick monkeys alone. They've got problems enough as it is!