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Nice work on the NPP! Keep up your great CSD tagging :). Kingpin13 (talk) 14:49, 16 February 2010 (UTC)

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CODES Good faith Use sandbox Could be seen as vandalism Warning Final warning Blocked Block & warning
Dealing with Vandalism
Generic {{test0}} {{test-self}}
{{test2}} {{test3}} {{test4}}
{{Final warning}}
Clear vandalism {{vw}}
Removing content {{test1a}} {{test2del}}
{{test3a}} {{test4a}}
Blanking pages {{blank}} {{blank2}} {{blank3}} {{blank4}} {{blank5}}
Maliciously moving pages {{MP2}} {{MP3}} {{MP4}}
Anonymous vandals {{sharedIP}}
{{Anon vandal}}
Spammers {{spam}} {{spam2}}
{{spam3}} {{spam4}}
Vandalizing user/user talk page {{tpv}} {{tpv2}} {{tpv3}} {{tpv4}} {{tpv5}}
Problems While Editing Articles
Not adhering to neutral point of view {{welcomenpov}}
{{comment2}} {{comment3}}
Adding non-notable material {{nn-test}}
Violating three-revert rule {{uw-3rr}} {{uw-3rr}} {{uw-3block}}
Removing/censoring explicit material {{Not censored}} {{Not censored 2}}
Introducing deliberate factual errors {{verror2}}
{{verror3}} {{verror4}}
Posting off-topic messages {{talkinarticle}} {{mess2}}
Using improper humor {{behave}}
Introducing stylistic problems {{Mos0}}
Royalty stylistic problems {{rn2}}
Creating vanity/user pages in main space {{vanity}} {{userfy warning}}
Problems related to edit summaries {{edit summary}}
{{Edit summary personal}}
Other 'editing article' warnings {{nothanks}}
{{talk sign}}
Image-Related Problems
Image vandalism {{image3}} {{image4}}
Fair use and tagging problems {{badfairuse}}
{{image copyright}}
{{Image no source last warning}}
{{image source}}
{{name your images}}
Problems with Editors' Behavior
Attacking other users {{RPA}} {{Edit summary personal}} {{No personal attacks}}
{{Npa3}} {{Npa4}}
Defaming fellow users {{defwarn}} {{defban}}
Assuming bad faith {{agf0}} {{agf3}}
Posting other users' personal information {{Pinfo4}} {{Pinfo5}}
Threatening legal action against other users {{threat2}} {{threatban}}
Tampering with Wikipedia Processes
Removing {{afd}} {{drmafd}} {{drmafd2}} {{drmafd3}} {{drmafd4}}
Removing speedy delete template {{drmspeedy}} {{drmspeedy2}} {{drmspeedy3}} {{drmspeedy4}}
Removing other templates {{drmmt}}
Restoring deleted article {{recreated}}
Blocking Clerical
Other 'block clerical' tags Informative:
{{vandalism watch}}
{{Request accepted}}
{{repeat vandal}} {{arbcom}}
{{blocked user}}
Please do not add a template here unless it does not match any other category above.
Miscellaneous {{badcat}}