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Blue canaries:

a blue canary (yeah, I know, it didn't turn out so great---the original image was terrible)

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BlueCanary9999, also known as Arnold Nathan Onimuss, born February 30, year unknown, is a young Wikipedian, a dedicated internet-goer, and alive. He claims to live somewhere over the rainbow. He is considered by many to be a nerd, and proudly so. He also administrated a few forums loosely focused on Nintendo Wifi. On the Wikipedia political spectrum, BlueCanary9999 falls midway between an inclusionist and a delusionist.

This is his pirate theme song. He would also like to add that Captain Red Hook is the best accordion man to sail the seven seas, hands down, and Commandercrazygonutz is the best commander of warriors under the sun!

Contacting outside of Wikipedia[edit]

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AIM address: BlueCanary9999
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A sonnet to Wikipedia[edit]

BlueCanary9999 loves Wikipedia so much that he wrote a sonnet to it. Here's how it goes:

A Corny Sonnet Wooing Wikipedia
How doth I love thee, Wikipedia?
My second home, my second family,
Yet just a free encyclopedia
With a soul so simple but lovély.
Thy jigsaw globe, a twinkling bright star.
The fair sun in thy background, like the sun.
But the best parts ‘bout thee, th’articles, they’re
Thy vast knowledge, which cannot be outdone.
Thy community, how’ver, is the cause
Of thy success and thy high quality.
Editors work in and out of their laws,
Yet teamwork cuts the need for polity.
But, you’re here to make the best source that’s free,
And this is the reason why I love thee.

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