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Rescue of Mitsunari
The rescue of Ishida Mitsunari was the battle that happened in Kyoto in an failed attempt to kill Ishida Mitsunari in Kyoto.
Mitsunari is the New Successor of the Toyotomi Clan
After the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi the Toyotomi Clan was in a very dificult phase in deciding who would be Hideyoshi's Succesor.The candidates were: Ishida Mitsunari, Kato Kiyomasa and Fukushima Masanori. Tokugawa Ieyasu wanted to be Hideyoshi's succesor too, but Hideyoshi did not trust him and the new succesor was Mitsunari,Hideyoshi's most reliable retainer. After learning that Mitsunari was the new succesor of Hideyoshi, Kato and Fukushima refused to work to Mitsunari and joined forces with Ieyasu, who was furious too in not having been selected to be Hideyoshi's successor. Then Ieyasu had an idea: If he could kill Mitsunari, he would be free to be the new Hideyoshi's succesor. Ieyasu then ordered the Anti-Ishida, an army that Fukushima and Kato have mounted, and taking advantage that Mitsunari was in Hideyoshi's grave isolated from everybody, Kato and Fukushima moved to attack Mitsunari there.

The Beggining of the Battle
The battle started with some Anti-Ishida troops going where Mitsunari is,when they have appeared there,Mitsunari fought and defeated the troops that were there,Mitsunari called some of his troops and prepared for battle,even isolated and knowing that he could be killed he continue to fight.

The Reenforcements
Meanwhile,Naoe Kanetsugu who wass passing close to Kyoto was attacked by Anti-Ishida troops too,but he quickly destroyied them all.But when Hattori Hanzo appeared as an reenforcements for the Anti-Ishida,the situation for Mitsunari and Kanetsugu were Bleak.Meanwhile,Shima Sakon learned that there is an attempting to kill Mitsunari in Kyoto and appeared there quickly and defeated some of the Anti-Ishida officers, but there were too many of them and he was quickly Surrounded by the Iga Ninjas led by Hattori.Sanada Yukimura and Maeda Keiji also appeared there too to Save Mitsunari.

The Humilhating Defeat of the Anti-Ishida Army
When Yukimura and Keiji appeared there, the tide of the battle was completely turned,Keiji have gone to help Sakon and Kanetsugu,and Yukimura went to help Mitsunari,who was being attacked by Hanzo,but when Yukimura came,Hanzo was defeated and retreated, leaving only weak officers in the Anti-Ishida Army,Mitsunari and Yukimura were charging throught the Escape Route and defeating the Anti-Ishida officers,after Mitsunari and Yukimura reunited with Kanetsugu,Sakon and Keiji,they resumed their advance,Fukushima tried to stop them,but he failed and retreated,Kiyomasa stood in their way with rifleman,but they were whiped out by Yukimura and Keiji,and Kiyomasa was killed by Mitsunari and the Anti-Ishida Army was finished,in the end of the Escape Route,they were ambushed by Hattori Hanzo, who wanted Mitsunari's head no matter what,but Hanzo had no chance against Yukimura,Keiji,Sakon,Kanetsugu,and Mitsunari's might together,and retreated,after this,Mitsunari saw the Tokugawa Simbol on a flag of a dead Anti-Ishida troop and now he knew that Ieyasu was behind this,and he decided to face Ieyasu.

Fukushima returned to the Edo Castle and when he told Ieyasu that he have failed,Ieyasu punished him with 50 whip lashes.

See People of the Sengoku period in popular culture

In The Game: Samurai Warriors 2 this battle is fought in Sanada Yukimura's Story Mode.
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Battle of Kusegawa
The Battle of Kusegawa was the battle fought during Ishida Mitsunari's Western Army confront against the Tokugawa Ieyasu's Eastern Army. Mitsunari had more troops than the Tokugawa and with stronger officers too he defeated the Eastern Army.
In the real history, there was the Battle of Kusegawa (杭瀬川の戦い) on the day before the Battle of Sekigahara.
The Battle
The battle started with the Eastern Army in jeopardy and ambushed by Shima Sakon,Shimazu Yoshihiro and Tachibana Ginchiyo, the Eastern army Officers that were out were quickly destroyied by the Western Army.and the remnants of the Eastern Army fell into despair and tried to escape, but were quickly defeated and killed by the Western Army,Mitsunari was about to win the battle when Honda Tadakatsu, Hattori Hanzo, and Ina appeared, but Tadakatsu was defeated by Shima Sakon and Ina was defeated by Tachibana Ginchiyo and Hanzo was defeated by Ishida Mitsunari making this a complete victory to the Western Army, driving back Tokugawa Ieyasu and giving the advantage of numbers and the control of the high ground for the Western Army.
See People of the Sengoku period in popular culture
The game Samurai Warriors 2 has this battle.
Siege of Edo Castle
In fiction, the siege of Edo Castle was the battle that was fought in October 22 1600 between the Uesugi-Sanada forces and the Tokugawa army,who had won the Battle of Sekigahara against Ishida Mitsunari and would be the rulers of Japan. No such battle took place in Japanese history.
Yukimura's Rage
After Sanada Yukimura knew that the Battle of Sekigahara was won by the Eastern Army and caused the death of his best friend Ishida Mitsunari, he was furious and desired to avenge Mitsunari by slaying Tokugawa Ieyasu, the winner of the Clash at Sekigahara. Yukimura asked his father Sanada Masayuki to lend his army to him,and his friend Naoe Kanetsugu to aid him in defeating the Tokugawa.

Yukimura then, with a vast army and furious, rushed to Edo Castle and decided to seize it before Ieyasu's main forces arrives.

The Sanada-Uesugi Army

Sanada Yukimura Naoe Kanetsugu Maeda Keiji Uesugi Kagekatsu Sanada Masayuki Sanada Nobuteru Yamagata Masakage Baba Nobufusa Nobuyuki Sanada Yamamoto Kansuke Hori Hidemasa Toyotomi Hidenaga Miyamoto Musashi.

The Tokugawa Army

Observation:The Tokugawa was alerady weakened because of the Battle of Sekigahara so their army's power greatly decreased. Tokugawa Ieyasu Honda Tadakatsu Fukushima Masanori Hattori Hanzo Ina Tokugawa Hidetada Ii Naomasa Sakakibara Yasumasa Kuroda Nagamasa.

The Battle

The battle started in the noon,Yukimura ordered every part of his troops to atack all sides of the castle,effectively surrounding the Tokgawa's headquarters,in the castle was Ina,and Ieyasu's son Tokugawa Hidetada that never expected an attack at that time,Ina moved to the second floor of the castle to defend it and Hidetada ordered his troops to defend the castle with their lives.Hidetada's troops were quickly destroyied and Yukimura and his army went to the castle and reached the Second Floor were Ina was,Ina fought well but she was quickly defeated and by Yukimura and escaped,Yukimura then moved to the Third Floor where Hidetada was and Killed him taking control of the castle.After this, Ieyasu's main forces arrived, but they were too late.

Fall of The Tokugawa
Cornered,Ieyasu had no choice but to send Hattori Hanzo to Kagekatsu's Main Camp,but when Hanzo reached there,Kanetsugu was waiting for him, and Hanzo himself was killed by Kanetsugu.Ieyasu then send Ii Naomasa and Sakakibara Yasumasa to the secret path in the castle to take it back, but when they reached there, they were killed by Miyamoto Musashi and Maeda Keiji.
Now only Ieyasu himself remains,Kuroda Nagamasa,knowing that the battle was lost committed suicide right in front of Ieyasu and Fukushima ran away, leaving Ieyasu and Tadakatsu behind,Tadakatsu said that he will take down the enemy army and went to face them,but he was ambushed by 5000 officers and 200 ninjas in the southwest garrison and it was locked there,Tadakatsu defeated many of the ambushers,but there were too many of them,he soon remained too tired to fight and when Yukimura came there in the garrison, Tadakatsu died righ in front of him.
Ieyasu was now really alone and he continued the fight,but Yukimura came there and fought against him,Ieyasu was defeated and captured,and after that he was executed in Ueda Castle.
With Ishida Mitsunari's death avenged,Yukimura gave the shogun title to Naoe Kanetsugu and japan was finally unified in the name of Honor.
Ina escaped from the battle,and very injured from Yukimura's atacks she have gone to the abandoned village of Yamazaki,but she was found by bandits and was killed by them,Fukushima escaped to a forest close to Osaka,there he stayied for 3 days,until he was found by barbarians and was eaten alive by them,a most painful death.And Ieyasu was executed with a decapitation.
See People of the Sengoku period in popular culture
The Game : Samurai Warriors 2 has this battle in Naoe Kanetsugu's Story Mode.