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About Me
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First things first, hi to all *waves*, the name's Stevie. I am a male just to verify that, as I know the name tends to be quite popular as a girls name. I am half-American/half-British and currently living in England but was raised in Utah.

When it comes to things I like and enjoy, there are quite a few things I could list but I'll just mention a few. I'm a keen sketcher, mostly of landscapes or characters, but a lot of the time it's just random stuff. I'm an avid watcher of the Bleach anime series and most recently Dragonball Z, and series' such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and other programmes in the supernatural genre.

I love watching movies, I am a BIG fan of the comic remakes, minus the odd few, (HULK and Daredevil namely being two of them). Otherwise I enjoy a good comedy or action/thriller, with a little bit of a chick flick or romance thrown in for good measure. As for gaming I'm now a Playstation4 owner (previously an Xbox 360). I'm a BIG fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, my favorite being Final Fantasy VII As for genre, give me a good RPG, Beat 'Em Up or Shooter any day of the week.

I also enjoy reading on occasion too. My favorites being the Skulduggery Pleasant series, Twilight Saga, Divergent and Hunger Games trilogies as well as the Harry Potter. If I get into it though, I'll give it a read. The same goes for movies and games too.

Some would call me a geek, due to the amount of gaming I do, and stuff I know about certain things, but alas I don't think I quite qualify for that title. At least not just yet, haha.

At the moment I am currently only editing general typos, mis-spellings and the occasional vandalism if I come across any. As I am still pretty new at this. But once I get the jist of things around here, I will be editing on a better level. Fingers crossed.

Feel free to leave me any messages on my talk page, and I will reply as soon as I possibly can.