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Lane Rasberry
Lane Rasberry in blue suit looking at viewer
Born Texas
Nationality Cascadia
Occupation Wikipedian
Known for editing Wikipedia

My name is Lane Rasberry. I edited Wikipedia for the first time in 2004 and have been editing regularly since 2008. I think that Wikipedia is a great way to share information on all topics, including health care, consumer rights issues, and science. The best way to learn about editing Wikipedia is to talk with other people about it. Anyone who wants to talk with me can post to my Wikipedia talk page or email me to make an appointment for a phone or video chat.

Everyone who has a stake in community education should be supportive of Wikipedia editors. Since Wikipedia is the world's most popular source of health information for most topics in health, it is the particular responsibility of health educators to consider the influence and impact of Wikipedia in their fields of expertise and to recognize that they must acknowledge and respond to Wikipedia as a communication channel in some way if they are to are to be effective in outreach. Just as Wikipedia is popular among people seeking health information, it influences thought on every topic for which people seek information.

Biographical sketch[edit]

Lane Rasberry is Wikipedian-in-residence at Consumer Reports, a United States-based non-profit consumer advocacy organization. His interests include access to health information, popular science, consumer rights, and clinical research.

There are images of me at Wikimedia Commons.

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the Camas pocket gopher, native to my home region of Cascadia and described as ""morose and savage" and "one of the most vicious animals known for its size"

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flag of Cascadia, which is the region including Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver

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Wikipedia's coverage of medical topics, 2016

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This one is incomplete and was a mess. I started making articles for government posts in India in 2010. I had a source but later decided that it did not meet WP:RS. I needed a source for top-level Indian government posts, and did not know when I would see anything like that. In 2016 someone came to Wikipedia with Right to Information (India) documents that listed government officials in posts. So far as I know, that person's Right to Information request provided the first published record of lists of high ranking government officers in India to mass media.

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