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This user is strongly considering retirement, although nothing is set in stone...

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CountryUnited States
Current locationTennessee
Time zoneEastern
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Joinedc. late 2004/ early 2005
First editc. late 2004/ early 2005
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Important information[edit]

  • This user has been editing Wikipedia on and off since about early 2005, mostly as an IP.
  • This user edits from shared IP addresses, and sometimes shares a server with other Wikipedia editors.
  • This user mostly edits articles about the US State of Tennessee, American politics, energy/environment, roads and highways, and education.
  • This user has created and expanded several articles, and has written one good article.
  • This user has never been a very active editor, and never will be. This user estimates that they have made about ten to fifteen thousand edits. This user does not consider a high edit count something to be proud of, as well as being on a list as one of the most active Wikipedians.
  • This user is not a Wikipedia policy expert, and will make mistakes, so be prepared. If he makes a mistake, please let him know civilly; don't be a dick about it.


Personal reflections of Wikipedia, based on experience[edit]

  • Wikipedia is the biggest game and best example of survival of the fittest on the internet. This user is nowhere near being one of the fittest, which is why he often screws up and gets grilled for it.
  • Wikipedia is full of assholes, and they are totally allowed to get away with it.
  • Lots of users on Wikipedia behave like robots.
  • This user is addicted to Wikipedia, and can't kick it. He has let that addiction ruin his life six times now. As a result, he is always considering retirement.