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User Info[edit]

Hi, and welcome to my user page. I became a Wikipedia member in August 2008, and since, I've created an article for 88-Keys, Decon Records, Convenience Valet, The Trak Starz, Mista, Robbie Gold, and USS YP-389, and became actively involved in editing pages for Colby O'Donis, The-Dream, Tim & Bob, Aware Records, Bobby Valentino, James Morrison, Kanye West, Chingy, R. Kelly, Mr. DJ, D.O.E., RedOne, Walrus moustache, The Outsyders, The Redwalls, and Purdue University. I enjoy creating and editing articles in my spare time and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them on my talk page. Also, I take pride in the articles I create and edit so please try your best not to vandalize them. Thanks for stopping by!

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Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 1 July 2015
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