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I am Brandon Franz, from East 78th Street in New York City having lived there my whole life until college. I went to kindergarten through ninth grade at Allen-Stevenson, an avenue away, and then went to arguably the best and most selective public high school in New York City, Stuyvesant. I graduated with a B.S. in Marketing from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

About me[edit]

I watch a lot of TV, from which I have probably learned a few things. I enjoy watching many sports at some time or another (even curling was fun during the Winter Olympics!), but I mostly enjoy hockey (Rangers), baseball (Mets), and football (Jets & Giants). By watching these sports so much, I am able to be a good participant in fantasy sports on the internet, especially keeper (franchise) leagues, of which I run one hockey league. Skiing is another sport I enjoy, going practically every weekend during the winter, mostly at Okemo, Catamount, Butternut, Mohawk, Jiminy Peak, Windham, Stratton, Killington, Bromley, and Mount Snow. I have also been a member of a chorus since fourth grade because I like to sing.

On Wikipedia, I make many minor additions and edits to television shows and networks, sports teams and players, and other different things that I see are wrong and have knowledge about. My biggest contributions have been writing the whole Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge, offer sheet, and Katie Burkhart articles, starting the Ascutney Mountain Resort article, expanding Windham Mountain from one sentence to a stub, the schedule additions to the "Big Four" television networks, expanding Okemo Mountain's description and adding the trail names, expanding Arctic Tale from a stub by adding the story and background information, and writing most of and adding references to AMP Energy NHL Winter Classic.

For more information, see my favorites.
For my favorite teams' players' contracts, see team contracts.
For everything I have done on Wikipedia, see my contributions.



More about me[edit]

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