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Virgo is a project aimed at creating and maintaining a series of content filters for Wikipedia without violating the no censoring policy. This is done so by forcing the user to install it if they want anything censored, and by censoring locally instead of globally.


  1. Provide a means for individual Wikipedians to have images censored from their screens, but without causing any disruption to others.
  2. Maintain a diverse set of filters, preferably customizable, so that users may block whatever images they (don't) like.
  3. Keep each filter up-to-date.


Virgo is a means for censoring images only. Text patterns are beyond the scope of Virgo. Also, Virgo currently aims to prevent images from being displayed, but this does not mean the images will not still be downloaded.

Virgo does not aim to replace any images in the Wikimedia websites with alternate images or to tag any images as "inappropriate", as these actions disrupt the peace and violates the no censoring policy.

Content filters in Virgo may or may not be incompatible with certain browsers. It is up to the maintainer of each filter to decide what program to use for his or her subscription. Each content filter is tailored to a specific group and for a specific purpose. See the table below for a list of all available filters.

Available filters[edit]

Topic Audience Name Software used Compatible browsers Link to subscription Maintained by
Porn Roman Catholics Porn Filter for Roman Catholics (PFRC) AdBlock Plus (free add-on for Firefox) Firefox 3 Email Bob to procure a copy of this list Bob the Wikipedian


  1. Bob the Wikipedian (talk · contribs), maintaining the PFRC filter
  2. John Carter (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA) a bit out of my league in terms of programming, but can and will help as useful, possibly primarily in finding articles to be filtered, as I tend to go through a lot of articles

Open tasks[edit]

Filters to create[edit]


  • No suggestions at the moment


  • Violence
  • Gore
  • Death
  • Torture

Articles with images needing filtered[edit]

Add a link below to any article with images needed added to a filter, and be sure to mention which filter applies.

The filter I want doesn't exist![edit]

Be bold! Start it yourself. See instructions below for one method of doing so.

I want to make a filter for Virgo![edit]

You can! Although there are probably several ways to set up a filter, I'll walk through the instructions for setting up a filter that uses AdBlock Plus, which is a free add-on for Firefox. You can host your filter anywhere you like, but I use Ripway, because it's easy to use and it's free.

  • You'll also need to install another add-on called the Adblock Plus Filter Uploader add-on. This will allow you to automatically update the filter each time you close your browser.
  • Register at Ripway if you haven't done so already, and create a blank TXT file (there's a button to do this). Name it, and make sure it ends in .TXT. Otherwise, it won't work. You can hit "Rename" if you mess up. NOTE: Ripway has been known to delete accounts for hosting questionable content. This is the reason the PFRC is currently unavailable to the public.
  • Open the AdBlock Plus preferences. Go to Options>Filter Uploader Preferences. Under the upload tab, the host should be "". The username/password correspond to your Ripway login. The protocol is FTP. Path is a slash (/) followed by the name of your file. If your filter is named "myfilter.txt", the path is "/myfilter.txt". Check the Automatically Upload on Exit box, and then go to Options. Check the Subscriptions expire box, and set it to 1 day (recommended). This causes the filter to automatically update on each subscriber's browser every day.
  • To prevent a filter from being uploaded (for example, if you block an ad or something else that's not on Wikipedia), right-click the filter and uncheck "Upload this filter". You can also do this with a blacklist if you can figure out how (I haven't yet). Virgo filters should only include content from Wikimedia, so check regularly to make sure you don't have any offsite content blocked in your subscription.
  • Once you've got your filter set up, feel free to share it in the table above!
  • When blocking an image, right-click the thumbnail and click "Adblock Image...". In the space, you will find the URL. It will look something like this: There are two random hex numbers (represented by the characters 0-9 or a-f) and one resolution size. Replace the two hex numbers and the res number with an asterisk (*). The new URL looks like this:*/*/Lenna.png/*px-Lenna.png. This is necessary to ensure that all thumbnails of this image are blocked. Otherwise, only that size thumbnail will be blocked.

Adding, updating, and removing the add-on[edit]

Instructions may vary, depending on what software is required.

Instructions for AdBlock Plus filters[edit]

Install Adblock Plus on your Firefox browser. Under the preferences, click the Filters menu, and then add a filter. The text to be typed is the URL of the text file, which can be found in the table above. To update, find the Adblock Plus Preferences dialog box, click the Filters menu, and then select Update All Filters. Some filters may update automatically every day or so. To remove a filter, simply right-click it in the preferences window and delete it. Be sure to let us know why you're unsubscribing.

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