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I'm a male born in January '91, currently studying physics at Aarhus University. I'm also a hobby linguist and pharmacologist. Pretty arbitrary, I know, but how can you not love the universe, language and drugs?

I was adopted by Matthew Yeager, thanks for that.

Amongst my major contributions are almost completely translating the Apartheid article into Danish, and adding it to the Danish Wikipedia. I also wrote the Helgenæs article (I used to live there). Oh, and the lupeol article, which is extremely boring. Also, I pretty much revised the whole Matas article. I probably forgot something too. I am pretty proud of most of my contributions; and some I am not so proud of. As most, I rarely do more than correct the odd typo or missing comma, but once in a while I get carried away on editing streaks that last for hours. Yeah, Wikipedia is great! Having used it for more than half the time it's existed, you start to feel like you're part of something bigger. I love that feeling.

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