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Hello, and welcome! My name is Robert Lee "Bobby Lee" Miller. I am a white male of the planet Earth, born September 2, 1972. I live in Abbeville, South Carolina with my dear wife Betsy Jean of nine years (that's nine years of marriage, not of age), and some children to be born later. I work at UGA in Athens, Georgia, where I sometimes work on Wikipedia without remembering to sign in first. These contributions would be most of the good, non-vandalism contributions from IP

Hobbies of mine include fishing, hunting, hiking, baseball, and football. I am a rabid (no pun intended!) Bulldogs fan, even though we live on the "wrong" side of Lake Russell. In baseball, I tend to root for the Braves, though I actually tend to enjoy Minor League Baseball, especially the Greenville Drive, even more than the Majors. I own a 23-foot fishing boat which I have run aground on the shores of Elbert County at least sixteen times, with only minimal damage (depth charts for manmade lakes can be some of the biggest liars in the world).

I have worked on quite a few articles here (some more than others), but a few to which I have contributed substantially would be Breanna Lynn Bartlett-Stewart, Stillbirth Remembrance Day, Kleihauer-Betke test, John Bennett Ramsey, and The Abbeville Horror. I appreciate getting as much feedback as I can on what I'm doing here, and I invite anyone who has questions/concerns/comments/blunt objects to sail to come hither and spill their guts on my User talk page.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my page, and I hope that y'all come back soon!

My Recent RFA[edit]

I would like to thank everyone for their input re: my recent request for adminship. I will take everyone's advice under consideration, and make another run in a few months. Thanks again, y'all!