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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest
Benjamin Franklin
Se hace el camino al andar
Antonio Machado
User:Boberger on a photo excursion in June, 2011
Photo: User:LittleGun
ATM attacking a girl, by Banksy, Rosebery Avenue, London, January 2008
Photo: Bengt Oberger

User:Boberger, Bengt Oberger, is a Swedish citizen and lives in Stockholm.

I´ve contributed to Wikimedia since January, 2007, mostly in Wikipedia in Swedish, but also by uploading photos to Wikimedia Commons.

I´m a member of the board of Wikimedia Sverige since March, 2011.

Some articles started on Wikipedia in English[edit]

For contributions to Swedish Wikipedia, see Boberger on Swedish Wikipedia

Some photos[edit]


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