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I am based in Brockley in South London. My websites are Bob From Brockley and Poumista. My areas of interest include Jewish studies, Syria, and the history and theory of the left. I am profiled here by the late Norman Geras.

Some articles I have substantially contributed to: Anti-Stalinist left, Anti-Fascist Action, Antifaschistische Aktion, Red Action, Anti-Nazi League, National Assembly Against Racism, Anti-Racist Alliance, ultra-left, Arbayter Fraynd, liberal anti-fascism, militant anti-fascism, anti-fascism, Yiddishkeit, orthodox Marxism, Boris Souvarine, Territorialism, Secker and Warburg, Democratic socialism, municipal socialism, Berne International, Jewish left, Anti-Poll Tax Unions, left libertarianism.

To do list: Majer Bogdanski, Beyond the Fragments, Robert Louzon, Heinrich Brandler, Yiddishism, Yiddish culture, Sejmism, Chaim Zhitlovsky, Ben Morea, Zionist Socialist Labour Party, Freeland League, Friends of Yiddish, revolutionary socialism, Folkism, cultural autonomy, Abdelmalek Sayad, Anti-Poll Tax Unions, Rachel Lichtenstein, Max Levitas, Rose Witkop, Shmuel Niger, Dos Naye Leben, Georges Vereeken, Morris Myer, Sam Dreen.

Some reference pages I like: Revolutionary History, Libcom, Marxists Internet Archive, The People's Libertarian Index,, Practical History, Ideal Homes: Suburbia in Focus, Charles Booth online archive, Dana Ward's Anarchy Archives, JewishGen. (Some of these sites are now sadly deceased, but I leave the links here as tribute to them!)

Some of my heroes are: Hannah Arendt, Irving Howe, Walter Benjamin, Johnny Cash, CLR James, George Orwell, Sylvia Pankhurst, Rudolf Rocker, Milly Witcop, Victor Serge, Nina Simone and C. Wright Mills.

Here's (a bit of) MyLibrary. Me elsewhere: Twitter and Hype Machine. While the following are currently inactive: StumbleUpon, MyBlogLog,, my Bloglines.

Sandboxes: /Liberal anti-fascism; /Militant anti-fascism; /Anti-capitalism; /The Promise; /Counterpunch; /Syrian independence flag

About Me
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