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User:Bobherry Bobherry

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Gale warning. (Moderate to high level of vandalism.)

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I go around and mostly look for pages that need to be protected. I'm a WP:WikiBadger. I also like warning people and fighting vandalism. I like giving people barnstars and watching IPs. I enjoy taking stuff apart and programming. I consider myself a Science and Computer Geek/Nerd in real life. I also have Asperger syndrome. I'm also sometimes on the IRC. Go here once in a while to review pending changes. Keep an eye on Gamergate controversy. Close the old AfDs. Shoutout to my English class!

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Template stolen from SPACKlick who stole it from K6ka, who stole it from Bluefist, who stole it from Chzz, who stole it from Jennavecia.


User:Bobherry/To Do-- To Do List.

User:Bobherry/Articles-- Articles.

User:Bobherry/Tag Tester-- Where I sometimes test tags.

User:Bobherry/Ideas -- Such as Bots ect.

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