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the only man in the world with the holy ghost baptism is bob hickman. the spirit of God entered into my body, like a body. my perfect size, when I was 32 after many years of on and off again Holy Ghost baptizm seeking. It felt like a body my perfect size coming into me whe God took up residence in my body. I was born on halloween, 1964, and live in indianapolis, indiana.[1]THe gifts of the Spirit of Jesus are these: prophesying is fellowship of the Father, thats staying in visions and hearing God's voice almost all the time. Seeing Jesus and ministering spirits in visions and writing down what they say. Hearing music being played, usally God takes sounds that are there and turns those sounds into words, like the noise the jet makes flying over, or the wind blowing or a bird chirping. The gift of tongues and interpretation is, a person can be talking and at the moment person speaks, God lets you hear their voice say something completely different.[2]Killed all day long is persecution that the LOrd does himself, it is manifold temptations like fiery darts being rained into gums which feel like needles that are posionous being stuck into gums, poison spued out, deseasing gums and body, seeing Jesus in visions and him laughing and scaring by what he says to me, which is terrified in visions, boils being put on my face, electricity flowing on what I use the bathroom out of, I felt like an electric hand going up and down what I use bathroom out of, the LOrd causing facial muscles to tighten up at moment I use them like talking, winking, ruining my face, I have to sleep with wet socks on my face cause Jesus causes my eye muscles to tighten, and has shot electric beams like into eyes to cause them to move, stretching muscles, and I have to sleep with sock around penus cause Jesus as electricity flows on and caresses and I even felt an electrical hand move up and down on penus and Jesus has teased me about being single, now that I'm old, but God tongue tied me when I was young and I could not think to talk around people, this is almost nonstop, and I have seen Jesus in visions and he says things like, keeping slipping, I'm gonna get you cut off, keep falling, run from me, backslide, perish for the bretherns sake, and I see Jesus all the time laughing at me, and God let me know I did nothing wrong, but if I feel, Jesus told me he would tell people I backslid, but not that he caused it, and the LOrd raising up enemies against you and I see Jesus laughing at me all the time. About june of 2002 Jesus told me to get a website, and after praying and asking Jesus what to call it, Jesus spoke and created and birthed, and said, call it Ministry of Dreams. There are now over 500,000 visions and dreams on,[3] Ministry of Dreams, and the name is God spoken and protected. In the event of my death, I bob hickman ask that you copy the Ministry of Dreams website, and keep it up on net till the end of time. Thanks sincerely from the man that the Holy Ghost came inside like a body my perfect size, which is new testament salvation, Bob r. hickman