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A hierarchy of disagreement

Disagreement, on this project, is inevitable. The more time you spend on controversial topics, the more disagreement you will face; and you’re not always right about the facts, and you’re not always approaching the problem the right way. However, one thing at least I know is true; we should all aspire to the top of Graham’s Hierarchy, and any editor in an argument who cannot climb a step or two up the hierarchy is less likely to have reality (as opposed to Truth) on their side.

I spend a lot of time working on controversial topics with neutrality problems, so I attract more labels from editors who think they've pinned down the real me. Here's my true identity:

I’m a holocaust denier, a censor, a corporate shill, and a member of a skeptic cabal to suppress astrology. (I’m also part of some Sceptic Society which is suppressing NLP; maybe they’re the same organisation). I run an offsite mailing list to canvass atheists in addition to being the true author of PZ Myers’ blog. I am a sockpuppeteer and a right-wing propagandist, and I have unlimited time to scour wikipedia for any view that doesn't fit my narrow, dark, and suspicious beliefs.

I’m also an illiterate vandal, a clown and a wanker, a sockpuppet and astroturfer, an apple, an ultraterrorist, a meatpuppet, an articleslayer, a closet fascist, and a member of the “superracist Sinanoglu Youth Movement in Turkey”. Presumably somebody in an I/P dispute has outed me as an antisemite, at some point, but I'm definitely a US Neocon in the meantime. I’m a manipulator, and have organized “vandal groups”. There are various other sockpuppetry campaigns, and probably lots of other stuff which I’ve forgotten. I have even added spam to the main page!

Of course, my attempts to get neutral coverage of topics on the Balkans has led another subset of editors revealing my true motives: I'm a filthy šiptarska zivotinjo, "deliberately taking every single opportunity to sling mud at the Serbian nation on every page you come across - it seems to be your only ambition here"[1]. I'm simultaneously a British lawyer and an Albanian hero and freedom fighter, an American vandal, French-hating Chinese propagandist, and I'm even part of a conspiracy to slander an obscure film-maker in Canada.

In fact, I'm so good at sockpuppetry that even editors I revert and report to noticeboards are actually my sockpuppets. Meanwhile, in Argentina, I'm the agitprop arm of international finance; elsewhere in Latin America, I'm Mr. Bush/Reagan/Hitler/Pinochet (it's so hard to tell sometimes).

There's no point in bearing grudges; these are just reminders to keep your cool in controversial areas, and reminders that we should resist the temptation to comment on the editor rather than the argument.