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Hi, Welcome on my personal page !

You don't know me ?! Well, I'm use gesturing discretion and humility. So, I will introduce myself and I hope we could talk about articles...

What I could talk you about me ?![edit]

I'm a young french student who loves (not enough !...It's a real passion) History and more particulary the World War II and the military one.

My native language isn't English, so I'm sorry if I'll do miskakes. I work with an dictionnary, but...I thank you if you can correct me ;-)

I come on the wikipédia english version to improve my english (it's an original methode, no it's not ?) and to share my knowlege. (And, also, I shall say I was banned of french version. But, I wont't do again the same mistakes. )

My hobbies :

  • Surf on internet ;-),
  • reading ( History books about my favorite subjets. I like also anglo-saxon litterature for exemple Fitzgerald and Faulkner).
  • Writing (I'm writing a fiction about the nazism)

My work about Wikipedia[edit]

I write above all on articles about nazism and Germany history, but also about global history. Sometimes, I can write about litterature, but it's a minor topic. Cf. User:VKH/bibliography (in french, sorry... but the authors could help you) I had contributed to :