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Playa Verde
Playa Verde is located in Panama
Playa Verde
Playa Verde
Coordinates: 9°3′36″N 82°3′20″W / 9.06000°N 82.05556°W / 9.06000; -82.05556Coordinates: 9°3′36″N 82°3′20″W / 9.06000°N 82.05556°W / 9.06000; -82.05556
Country Panama
Province Ngöbe Buglé
Elevation 0 m (0 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total about 400

Playa Verde is a community of Panamanian indigenous Ngobe Bugle. Its capital is the town of Kusapín.[1] It has a population of approximately 400 Ngobe Bugle primarily from five extended families.</ref> The populace is exclusively ethnic Ngobe Bugle.

Playa Verde view from one of its beautiful hills


Gnobe and Spanish.



Common health problems include intestinal parasites caused by lack of clean drinking water and improper sanitation and food handling.

Infant mortality is very high with diarrhea often a cause of death. Children can be ill for months before succumbing.



Kindergarden and grades 1 through 6 are taught on site by four teachers.

As of April, 2014 a new kindergarden is being constructed of concrete and adobe. The adobe bricks are made on site by elderly women who make up to 500 bricks a day. The building is scheduled to be completed in April, 2014. When it is complete 32 five to six year olds will be moved from the cramped quarters of a small shack to the new building.



Rice, beans and



Small stores are scattered about the community and sell toiletries, rice, beans, chips and a great deal of sweets.


Houses are generally simple one room affairs on stilts.




The only building with electricity is the school which has sixteen 50 volt solar panels which are used to charge batteries. These batteries are used to charge a laptop computer and cell phones.


Water comes from creeks or water catchment. Some of the buildings have metal roofs, catch the water in 4" PVC, directing it to plastic storage tanks. A cock on the tank allows water to be ???.

Many houses have pressurized water, provided by gravity pressure and sourced by creeks above the house.


Generally the creeks are used for defecation. Either a creek is agreed upon to be used for waste purposes and another for drinking water or a point is agreed upon as the upstream most point of usage for defecation and drinking water is withdrawn upstream from that point.

Behind the school is a septic tank above which are enclosed concrete toilets that open directly into the tanks.



Cell Service[edit]


Getting there?[edit]

Playa Verde is on the shores of Chiriqui Bay and is only accessible by water.



Five Christian religions are practiced and the Gnobe religion ??? which is a variant of Christianity in which Christ descends to Earth on a motorcycle


Starchy roots, fish, lobster conch, rice beans




Bush Doctor[edit]

Floating Doctors[edit]

The [Floating Doctors] conduct clinics on site. As of April 7, 2013 the community agreed to donate a plot of land for a clinic and to provide 7,000 board feet of lumber for the construction of the clinic. The building will have three 16' x 10' rooms for sleeping quarters and a roomy living area.


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